For the Ladies

Why should the men have all the fun?

For centuries, the traditional view has been that it is mainly, if not only, the gentlemen who visit their tailor to have their clothes made. That only they can benefit from the advantages of the bespoke process, involving as it does time spent in a clubby masculine atmosphere where secrets are divulged but never leave the building. They play with cloth books and discuss the smallest details of fit and styling and trimmings in their own exclusive world.


But why should this be? Why should the men have all the fun? For some time and increasingly, ladies hold so many important positions in our leading companies and rightly feel the need, as well as have the desire, to ‘dress the part’. For too long, though, the ladies have tended to adopt a masculine style for business, believing this is the right look for the boardroom, bringing with it a sense of gravity. This is understandable as I am sure we have all heard appalling stories of the lady dressing in too feminine a way and being asked to serve the coffee… when she is, in fact, chairing the meeting!


But there must be a balance. To dress professionally but not in a dull, overly masculine way. To be feminine but not in a frilly, girlie way. But where to go to find this look? The options on the High Street are limited and the quality often not up to standard. At the other end of the scale, the design-led brands can be prohibitively expensive. To explore the personal tailoring route – with its combination of choice, quality of materials, expertise in manufacture, variety in styling and fine, ongoing service – is the one to choose. And the process is interesting and enjoyable too.


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