The Process

At Buster Samuels we firmly believe that buying clothes – and even discussing the topic! – is an important part of our lives. We would say that, I guess. We admit that no-one in fact needs a wardrobe full of suits, dozens of shirts, shoes in every material and colour, a vast collection of ties and drawerfuls of belts, socks and other accessories. However, having the ability to reflect your mood, image and personality through different outfits has to make life richer. Moving towards that point – by enhancing your clothing collection – need not be hard work, something to be endured. To keep it light-hearted and fun is the aim behind our initial consultation with a potential customer.

Step 1

How, Where and When

We start by talking about your needs, taking into consideration how, where and when you will be wearing your new purchase. Will you be replacing a particular item - an old friend perhaps - simply filling a gap in your collection, needing an outfit for a special occasion or will you be after something versatile that can be used in multiple ways?

Step 2

The Look

We will see if any 'looks'; appeal to you and you will be shown appropriate cloths and styling illustrations to bring your ideas to life. Every detail of the garment will be decided with your full involvement. Finally your measurements will be taken.

Step 3

Check the fit

Some 5 or 6 weeks later, another meeting will be arranged at which you will try on a garment that is almost ready to be taken home. Some details, especially on first orders, are deliberately left unfinished and there are bound to be a few adjustments which will ensure the best fit for you.

For those used to buying ‘off the peg’ the length of time required for an order may be surprising but it is important to acknowledge that we are making an unique piece of clothing ‘from scratch’ to your personal design. We hope you will understand why the time is necessary to achieve this.


We are very happy to see you wherever you prefer. Due to time constraints, some customers prefer to meet in their office while others feel more comfortable at home. The added bonus of the latter is that the customer’s current wardrobe will be to hand which could prove useful. But, as with all parts of the process, the final choice is yours.


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