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We all like to have choices and to have a say in important decisions. This applies to every area of our lives. All too often, though, our options are limited and, put simply, we have to take what we’re given. When looking to add to our wardrobes, most of us head to the shops to look through the merchandise on the rails and shelves and frequently we go home with an unsatisfactory purchase and a feeling of ‘that will have to do’. Perhaps the cut of the item was not quite what we wanted. Maybe one jacket had the right styling but the cloth was unacceptable while another jacket was made in the better cloth but the styling details didn’t fit the bill.


This does not have to be the case. When ordering a new garment from Buster Samuels our customers are involved in all aspects of the process. With our help, they choose a cloth, lining and even buttons (!) from our extensive, yet manageable, selection then decide on style details such as lapels, pockets, vents, collars & cuffs etc to produce the finished product they have set their heart on. This procedure applies to our full range – suits, sports jackets and blazers, trousers, coats, formalwear and shirts.


If this is all sounds somewhat daunting, there really is no need to worry. In complete contrast to the tedious traipsing around the shops on the hunt for new outfits, a meeting with a representative from Buster Samuels is a friendly, interesting and educational experience. Buying new clothes should be enjoyable and not a chore and we aim to reflect this in our consultations.


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