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You will no doubt have noticed the current trend for gentlemen at work to dress down at almost every opportunity. Ties are scarcely seen in the office, jackets are usually removed, if not absent, and shirt sleeves rolled up. In more casual mode, trainers are the footwear of choice. All this while the ladies continue to take time and trouble over their appearance, with great results.


Despite this development, there are still many situations in which men need, and desire, to dress more elegantly. Formalwear – ie black or white tie and morning suit – is not only de rigeur on the invitation for certain events, it will make the wearer feel comfortable in his surroundings. There is nothing worse than being dressed incorrectly when it is so easy to get it right. Fortunately an added bonus of formal attire is that there are certain rules which are to be obeyed, which makes life easier for those who lack confidence in putting together an outfit. While those who take a more flamboyant approach to their dress may feel hampered by the guidelines, this is one occasion when following the crowd shows you know what is expected, and ‘the correct form’. To experiment, or go ‘off piste’, can lead to problems, and even embarrassment. Many of you will recall the former Chancellor Gordon Brown’s insistence on wearing a lounge suit at formal dinners at the Mansion House, in contravention of the dress code; if his intention was to make a point, the plan backfired.


If the purpose of dressing well and with style is to give the wearer confidence, then I am sure I am not alone in feeling my best when wearing ‘black tie’. At Buster Samuels we offer jacket, trouser and waistcoat styles, teamed with a comprehensive range of cloths, to cater for all your formal suiting requirements, together with appropriate options for shirts.


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